What it was like to build TownHall Shanty

We first needed to get our pieces out to the ice.

TownHall is heavy, so we used a truck

We were all like...

Out on the ice, we started to put it together...

We started putting up our walls, and we were all like...

It was soooo windy!!

It took many hands to hold it all together

We had built a beautiful thing

And it was strong!

So, with our walls all strong and beautiful, we went into town to get some lunch and were all like...

We had some hot drinks

and headed back out to finish up.

When we got back to our build site, everyone looked out on the ice and was like...

Our TownHall had been lifted and flipped in the wind!

Obviously, we were like...

..but only at first! The strength of our build kept our structure mostly intact.
As the sun was setting, we fixed the small breaks, danced to stay warm, and completed a great moment in pun history- a coup d'etat!

...we overturned the government!

Come check out the action on the ice of White Bear Lake each weekend day in February.
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Thank you.